10 best places to kayak in the world

Kayaking is one of the best ways to get to know our planet. And to prove it, we’ve gathered the 10 best places to kayak in the world!

With an antiquity of 4000 thousand years and created by the first Eskimos, a kayak is a boat made of very light material. It sails propelled by broad-bladed oars not attached to the hull of the boat.

This activity allows you to see stunning places, enjoy wildlife, and observe the immensity of our world.

Those who practice this sport must be dextrous, have a passion for adventure, and love adrenaline.

But we do not want to fall into stereotypes about kayaking being only for the fearless ones! This sport can also be a pleasant activity for travellers who wish to relax or admire the landscape.

So, today we will present the 10 best places to kayak in the world. This selection intends to provide you with a variety of destinations so you can choose which of them is the most convenient for you.

If you’re ready to see the world in your kayak, get your paddles! Here we go!


Starting this list with exotic Nepal is no coincidence. Nepal is a paradise for lovers of adventure, sports, and activities that carry strong emotions.

Recently, the number of kayakers who flock to this beautiful country has increased. We now consider Nepal a paradise for those who enjoy this activity.

The possibilities for kayaking in Nepal are vast! During some months of the year, you can descend through the waters of the Mardi Khola, Tamba Kosi, or Karnali rivers.

You can also enjoy in Nepal the majestic Thuli Bheri and Balephi Khola, and you can use your boat to visit the tributaries of the Tamur.

If you are a more experienced kayaker, the Modhi Khola River is a better choice for you.

The lateral stream of the Bhurungdi Khola, next to the town of Birethani, hides several navigable waterfalls if you have the experience.

It’s just a matter of deciding!


In Slovenia, you can rent a kayak to navigate whitewater or calm rivers and seas and lakes.

On the rapids of the Soča, Sava, Savinja, Krka, and Kolpa rivers, kayaking is an exciting experience. Canoeing is excellent for rowing along the calmest Slovenian rivers, lakes, and sea, as it allows agile navigation.

Canoeing through the Ljubljana Swamp and on the Ljublianica River is the most common route. But you can also embark from the Žužemberk on the Krka River and the Mura River. Or, you can rent a canoe on the Bohinj, Velenje, and Zbilje lakes.

Who is ready to visit Slovenia?


Different fortresses rich in stories from ancient days, the middle Ages, and more recent times, are waiting to be discovered in one of the best places to kayak in the world: Greece!

One of the most famous points is the Fort of Bourtzi. It was built in 1473, in a small cove right in front of the port.

Another point for kayaking is near the old town of Nafplio, where you can find the Palamidi fortress, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

You will also find Akronauplia, featuring commanding views of the dominating cliffs covered in vast vegetation.

Oh! Just imagine jumping from your kayak into the water and cooling off while enjoying the crystal clear waters of Nafplio!


Ecuador is another one of the best places to kayak in the world since it is a country with rich biodiversity and incredible landscapes!

We recommend several rivers for kayaking, and that is why we have added this country to our list today.

The Rio Pastaza is undoubtedly the most challenging with whitewater for kayaking, between the Sangay and Llanganates National Park.

The Jatun Yacu is the best river for kayaking in the area. It has volume, fun, and rapids.

The Jondachi and Hollin rivers are an explosion of whitewater, surrounded by virgin forest, and more isolated than most of the country’s rivers.

The two white water rivers are of different styles, the first in technique and the second a glorious experience in the water.

Are you considering the trip to the middle of the Earth to kayak? An unforgettable experience!


According to various specialists on the subject, Mexico has beautiful natural conditions for kayaking.

The Filobobos River in Veracruz is one of the best places to navigate with your kayak. Here we can find, for example, rapids or areas of greater intensity, calmer sections, and a waterfall.

The Santa Maria River in San Luis Potosí is a turquoise river that is characterized by many rocks in the area. Their presence maximises the strength and movement of the waves! Also, in the place, we can find a waterfall with a fall of 100 meters, approximately.

The Riviera Maya is one of the most popular options for kayaking in Mexico for those who are looking for a quiet ride. There you can enjoy taking pictures, feeling the water in your hands, or admiring the landscape rather than living extreme adventures.

Kayaking in Mexico? ¡Sí, señor!


Chilean natural environment is magnificent for kayaking. There are 1,200 rivers of different flows, lakes, and lagoons with crystalline waters. These marvels combine with incredible scenery and native fauna to bring the most exciting adventure!

In the Metropolitan region, you can find the calmest sections of the Maipo River, which will lead you to immerse yourself in the waters of the Maule Valley.

If you have more technique, you can try the Trancura River or enjoy the wooded landscapes in the Caburgua, Calafquén, Conguillío, and Riñihue lakes.

If you are already an expert, we recommend exploring the Futaleufú River, on the Carretera Austral, or the Baker River near General Carrera Lake. There the collision of water on the rocks and unexpected waterfalls will make your adrenaline rise.

Are you ready to go to South America? Go ahead!


Spain has a great variety of flows, rivers, reservoirs, and lakes where you can exercise and see the most beautiful aquatic landscapes that nature can offer.

Some of the most prominent places for kayaking are the Garraf cliffs in the Garraf Nautical Park in Barcelona. There you can enjoy the stunning view of Punta Grossa, Punta de Les Coves, and Punta de la Desenrocada.

In the land of Teide, in Tenerife, you can enjoy the Los Gigantes Cliff, whose route is highly sought after because of one of its slopes, as its fall is a challenge.

The most famous rapids in Spain are The Pyrenees for its high-level difficulty when crossing them. The options range from medium to hard and it will be up to the kayaker to choose which will be the route of their preference.


Kayaking is a great way to explore the spectacular landscapes of this beautiful country. With this activity, you will see coastal ecosystems, mangroves, canyons, and caves.

In Krabi, you will find Ao Thalane Bay, which is one of the most beautiful places in all of Thailand.

Surrounded by karst formations and beautiful islands, it is one of the best places to kayak in the world. There you can explore hidden passages and discover the ecological system of the bay rich in flora and fauna.

If you visit Ao Thalane, you cannot stop kayaking and paddling in the presence of its primitive nature.

This place is surrounded by mangroves and canyons until reaching the karst formations that welcome Hong Island, a beautiful site of crystal clear waters with coral reefs.

Finally, you will arrive with your kayak to Koh Hong. It is an island with a hidden lagoon in its centre where you can watch wildlife, which includes several species of birds and even monkeys.

Marine life includes brightly coloured crabs, jellyfish, many fish, and water lizards.

Do you have any doubts about Thailand? You won’t be sorry!

New Zealand:

New Zealand is a country full of natural beauty, and a perfect place for lovers of nature, sports, and water activities such as kayaking!

You can kayak for a day from Waitemata Harbour to Aucklands newest and most active volcano.

For one of the best kayaking experiences in New Zealand, we recommend going to the Coromandel Peninsula and looking there for Cathedral Cove.

Lost halfway between Abel Tasman and the glaciers of the Southern Alps, Paparoa National Park is an ideal area for kayaking. This area is little known to most travellers who often go to see the Pancakes Rocks only. The Pororari River is incredible and runs in a natural environment that evokes the lost world of Jurassic Park.

Kayaking in Jurassic Park? Legendary!


Kayaking through a sea full of icebergs is one of the most impressive activities you can do in Greenland. And of course, makes it one of the best places to kayak in the world!

It is only you and your boat in front of the immensity of the ocean.

You, with no more noise than the one your paddle makes when entering the water and that of your kayak, when tearing the surface (or in this case, the noise that the keel makes when it touches an ice floe).

During the summer, you can paddle through the calm waters of south-eastern Greenland. You can navigate through the glaciers and observe a majestic landscape.

Many are the landscapes that you can see in Greenland, such as the Qooroq fjord, the closest to the inlandis or ice cap. And the Mellem Landem with its impressive Kiagtuut Glaciers and its nunataq mountain range.

The Greenland experience is unmatched!

There you have our list of the best kayaking spots in the world. There are many more great places to visit, but these are our favourites. Which one caught your attention?

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