Gift Ideas For a Kayaker

With the holiday season fast approaching, we are all keen to find the perfect gifts for our loved ones. If you have friends or family that enjoy kayaking, then there is a whole range of gifts you can get them to make their Christmas extra special.

We’ve compiled a list of all the best kayak-related presents, from small budget buys to more extravagant gifts.

Gifts Under £20

If you’re on a smaller budget, there are still a number of kayak related accessories you can get without breaking the bank, in this section, we will cover products for twenty pounds and under.

Wet shoes

Wet shoes are usually made of neoprene, which is an insulating rubber fabric. They come in a range of styles and cuts. They are great for keen kayakers who aren’t afraid of capsizing, swimming or even walking on land during their adventures. 

Thick neoprene material keeps their feet nice and warm in the water while also protecting their soles from any sharp objects they come in contact with on land. To find out more about wet shoes, check out this article on the best shoes to wear kayaking. A good pair of wet shoes can be bought for less than twenty pounds, like these unisex aqua shoes which come with an anti-slip outsole.

Dry Bag

Something every serious kayaker needs is a dry bag to keep all their belongings safe and dry while they’re on the kayak. Dry bags are also buoyant so won’t sink if the kayak capsizes. 

If the kayaker you have in mind doesn’t yet have a dry bag, then it would make an excellent addition to their Watersport gear. Smaller volume bags can be bought for less than twenty pounds, like these unigear dry bags (10 litre capacity and under).

Microfibre Towel

If you have a kayaker in mind that loves to pack light, then why not get them a microfibre towel so they can save valuable space in their dry bag. Microfibre is extremely fine – 100 times finer than a human hair! – so across the towel, it creates a large surface area to absorb moisture. It also dries a lot faster than a traditional towel. 

Another big plus is that microfibre towels last a long time – around 500 washes – so make great, long-lasting gifts! You can get microfibre towels at very reasonable prices. 

Check out these lightweight premium quality towels for under twenty pounds.

Floating Waterproof Phone Pouch

If you are buying a gift for a keen photographer, then a waterproof phone pouch would make an excellent gift. These pouches let you use your phone to take photos without worrying about the water causing any damage, or the phone sinking if it is dropped. 

Check out these floating waterproof phone pouches for iPhone 11.

Wetsuit Gloves

If the kayaker you have in mind likes venturing out in the colder months, then a pair of wetsuit gloves would make the perfect gift to help keep them warm on the water. As well as insulating their hands, they will also provide a layer of protection and grip if ever they need it! 

Check out these very reasonable priced neoprene wetsuit gloves.

 Wraparound Sunglasses

When heading out on a kayak in sunny weather, it’s always good to think of sun protection. That’s why wraparound UV protection sunglasses make a great (and affordable!) gift for kayakers. 

These unisex sunnies are stylish and will certainly keep the sun out of your eyes while kayaking!


When kayaking at low daylight hours or in caves and shadowy areas, a headlight is a must. Check out this stylish and waterproof head torch which comes with three lights and four different modes. With a gift like that, any kayaker would feel equipped and brave illuminating caves!

Medium Budget – £30-50

If you’re willing to stretch your budget to around thirty to fifty pounds, then there’s a great choice of Kayak related gifts within your budget. Check out our list of mid-range priced present ideas below.

Survival Bracelet

Any adventurous kayaker has a lot to gain from a survival bracelet, especially if they like to combine their sport with camping and hiking. Survival bracelets start at a very reasonable price, like this waterproof pedometer wristwatch, which comes with a digital compass, temperature, weather forecast and world time. 

Other survival bracelets also come with additional survival features, like paracord rope, LED light and even fire starters. This digital survival watch is even equipped with a compass, thermometer and a whistle. Make sure your survival bracelet of choice is waterproof so that it can be safely worn on the water!

Buoyancy Aid

A buoyancy aid can also make an excellent gift for kayakers, and it’s a way of making sure your loved one stays safe while on the water. To find out more about life jackets and buoyancy aids and why they’re so important for safety, check out this article on essential kayaking safety equipment

Buoyancy aids come in a range of prices, but for around forty pounds, you can get a nice quality, comfortable model. If the kayaker you have in mind for the gift has a favourite colour, why not get them a personalised buoyancy aid in that colour. 

This Nookie design comes in a range of different colours.

Premium Products – £100+

If you’re willing to push the boat out for a close friend or relative, then there are a number of more expensive kayak accessories you can opt for. Check out our list of premium options below.

GPS Unit

A GPS unit is an incredibly useful device for all outdoor enthusiasts, including kayakers. If the person you’re buying for is keen on orientation and navigation, then a GPS unit will make their exploring that much more efficient. 

If the unit is for use on a kayak or any water-sport-related activity, make sure it’s sufficiently waterproof, or it won’t be of any use! This handheld GPS unit is durable, waterproof and easy to read. The design is built to handle extreme conditions, so would be well suited to the adventurous kayaker.

Compass Watch

We already mentioned survival bracelets in the mid-range section; however, top quality compass watches can easily cost you over one hundred pounds. This Sunto watch comes with GPS tracking, route planning, altitude profile and analysis – even altitude graphics! It also has a compass, weather tracker and Bluetooth. All those features on such a small device would make a kayaker feel equipped for anything.


A wetsuit is an incredibly important piece of equipment for kayakers – especially in winter. Wetsuits use your own body heat to keep you warm and insulated in the water. Being wet for long periods of time in cold weather can cause hypothermia, so wearing a wetsuit can really help to keep you safe and healthy when kayaking. 

Like the previously mentioned wet shoes, wetsuits are made of neoprene which traps layers of water between your body and the suit. Your own body heat warms these layers and helps keep your core temperature stable. 

To find out more about wetsuits and how they work, check out this article on why wetsuits are good for kayaking. Make sure you find out the right size before ordering as a tight fit is essential to the neoprene working effectively and keeping the body warm! This Synergy wetsuit is triathlon approved and perfect for the athletic kayaker!


If the kayaker you’re thinking of is just starting out at the sport, then why not get them a state of the art paddle to really get them enthusiastic about paddling! If they’re already a seasoned kayaker, then you can add to their collection with a durable and lightweight addition. These Best Marine paddles are very strong and sturdy while also being lightweight. They’re sure to have a long lifespan so are a great investment and likely to stay with the owner for years to come.


Finally, if you really want to treat your kayaking companion to something special and extravagant, you could always look into buying them their own kayak. For beginners, you can go with a classic ‘Sit on Top’ design. These are usually simple and lightweight constructions which are easy to set up if you’re inexperienced. 

Look out for features like footrests that will ensure better comfort and keels, which will help with manoeuvrability. This Riber kayak is perfect for beginners and comes in a range of colours so you can personalise it as a gift. 

This Aqua Marina inflatable kayak comes with a number of features for maximum comfort, like velcro seat positioning. The pack also comes with a paddle, a pump and a carry bag so that you everything you need in a single purchase. 

Whichever kayak you go for, you can be sure the recipient will be extremely grateful! With the gift ideas in this guide, you won’t be short of ideas on what to get your kayaking friends and family. 

Whichever product you go for, you can be certain that any one of these gifts will be very warmly received. And, no matter your budget, there really is something for everyone. 

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